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Membership Application

Those applying for membership BEFORE October 1st of any year will receive all back issues of Berkshire Genealogist for that year, and their membership will expire on December 31st. This policy assures that however short the duration of first year membership, the benefits are essentially the same for all. Those applying AFTER October 1st will begin membership as of the following January 1st and will receive each issue of Berkshire Genealogist at its regular publication time.

Family Research Service

Two hours of research time is available at no cost with each year's membership in the Berkshire Family History Association. Postage and copying costs are additional. Further research can be contracted with individual genealogists. The BFHA will provide a list of local fee-based researchers upon request.

Researchers are experienced genealogists with special training in the use of published genealogical sources and to the extensive genealogical collections of the Berkshire Athenaeum - Pittsfield's Public Library - one of the major research collections in Western Massachusetts.

Research is limited to written inquiries and involves only the resources of the Berkshire Athenaeum.

If you are interested in using this Family Research Service, send:

* a specific request for the information desired,

* all relevant background information,

* a completed membership application (see form below) and a check or money order for the proper category of membership.

PLEASE NOTE: The two hours of research are offered as a courtesy, FREE to members. As all researchers are strictly volunteers, a heavy volume of requests will often result in a backlog and a delay in response, sometimes as long as several months. We ask for your patience while we are processing your request.


DUES SCHEDULE: Individual $12.00;  Family* $14.00;  Over-seas $25.00

* Family Membership = two or more related persons living at one address. Family memberships receive one Berkshire Genealogist, newsletter, etc.


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